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BC Hydro

Smart Meters Launch Video (Excerpt):

"Our world. It's getting smarter. Thanks to technology designed to make our lives better. Innovations that have allowed us to think smarter. And act smarter.

But power meters have stayed pretty much the same.

Now…we have Smart Meters.

Smart Meters give us more control over the power consumption in our homes. They will also help modernize BC's electrical grid. Saving electricity. And energy. For everyone. 

A Smart Meter is a digital version of the power meter you already have. It measures your energy consumption by the hour, and wirelessly communicates that data over the network to BC Hydro daily. You can go online and see how much electricity you've used, by the hour, day, week and month. Now we'll know exactly what we're spending and what we're saving, in near real-time."

BC Hydro was ready to implement a grid-wide change from conventionally-read electrical meters, to "Smart Meters". The roll-out was not without opposition; this video was intended to be introduced in social media, and live on the BC Hydro website to provide factual information on the attributes and benefits of Smart Meters. 

Scope: Concept Development, Video Script
In Collaboration With: James Riley, Todd Smith Design
For: BC Hydro

BC Hydro "Smart Meters"