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I've had the pleasure of collaborating with and writing for: iovation, Petcurean Pet Nutrition, Subplot Design Inc., DDB, Twice, sgsco, Anita’s Organic Mill, RIM/BlackBerry, Huggies, MARS Brands, BC Hydro, Canadian Tourism Commission, Vancity, Association for Energy Affordability (NYC), Canadian Celiac Association, Health Canada, Pendo, Strata Health, Industry Canada, CDIC, Concerned Children's Advertisers, Botanica, Mindfield Recruitment: Sportchek/Atmosphere, Bow Valley Offshore Drilling, 7Eleven, Assiniboine Credit Union, Vida Loca, Science World, McDonald’s Restaurants, The Rick Hansen Institute, The Pacific Salmon Foundation, etc. etc. & etc.

I’ve written for: banks and credit unions, diapers & drugstores, pet food, fruit juices and veggie milks, coffee and tea companies, beers and wines, fast food restaurants, clothing stores and the schmatta trade, fraud prevention firms, skin care companies, record companies and recording artists, foundations and insurance companies, paper manufacturers, flour mills, food distributors, home shows, theatres and feature films, petrochemical and nuclear energy and hydroelectric companies, healthcare providers, tourism and race car drivers, auto manufacturers and car dealers, museums and zoos, for IV drug users & ravers, for diabetics, for pregnant women and, for children. Phew.

Positioning & brand stories, films, packaging copy, ad copy, short copy, long copy and all copy in between. Call me at 604 338 4490, drop me an email or a leave a short message below.