Pete Pallett Writes

Pacific Salmon Foundation

Brochure Copy (Excerpt):

Bringing them back, stream by stream. Once, not long ago, the Pacific Salmon were bountiful. Many salmon-bearing streams were so rich with fish that it was said you could cross the water on their backs. We treasured them as a thing of beauty. Harvested them as one of nature’s resources while we competed for their habitat. Took them for granted as one of the benefits of living near rivers and oceans. In time, we learned we should have been more careful because now, many populations in many streams are not what they once were.

Today, Pacific Salmon still mean many different things, to many different people. To the First Nations people of British Columbia, they are of cultural and social importance. They are a prized resource in our provincial economy as they generate millions of dollars each year through both commercial and recreational fisheries. And salmon issues consistently appear on the political agenda at all levels; federal, provincial and municipal.

In the last few years, salmon have been the focus of highly-charged emotional debate, one that the people of the entire Pacific Northwest have embraced with fervour and a strong desire to change what’s wrong. To be part of the solution. Yes, once they were bountiful. And although there are some instances of population recovery, a little is not enough. We now know that every salmon stream is important and worth saving. And clearly, all of us have a stake and a responsibility in seeing this precious resource, so symbolic of “Beautiful British Columbia,” thrive the way it once did.

Everyone knows there is work to be done. But who is actually doing something about it? You are, whoever you are; a company president. A student. A senior citizen. A politician. All over British Columbia, we are seeing people in their communities taking care of their own streams. There are now tens of thousands of volunteers working side by side. Bringing the salmon back, stream by stream.

And who helps fund all this good work? We do. The Pacific Salmon Foundation is a federally incorporated, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and healthy growth of Pacific Salmon populations. Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors from the aboriginal, commercial and recreational fishing sectors and from the resource industry and business community, our mission is simply to ensure that there will be salmon for our children and for all generations to come.

We work with governments, we work with industry, we work with communities and individuals to find solutions. We forge partnerships between concerned parties. And we do it all for the good of the salmon. Because we believe that what is good for the salmon is good for all of us. Every day, we’re out there, trying to increase the public’s desire to become involved with us, recognizing that it is volunteer participation from community-spirited people and organizations throughout B.C. that will bring the salmon back, stream by stream. 

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