Pete Pallett Writes

The WonderWall

Interactive, Experiential Installation:

Trade shows are critical to a pet food brand’s sales success. Our ongoing client, Petcurean Pet Nutrition, asked for a breakthrough idea that would create attention in a crowded, busy, highly competitive venue. We put our heads together and came up with The WonderWall. This live community experience premiered at SuperZoo 20, an international trade show for all things pet-related. We asked people on-site and in social media to upload and share digital photographs of all the wonderful things that they and their pets do together; these photos became a part of an ever-changing video mosaic that played out on giant screens. Plus, we encouraged our fans to write a note or draw a picture, right on the walls of our booth, telling the world how much their dog or cat means to them. This short video captured that mosaic as it appeared at SuperZoo. You can also browse through the gallery and view all the remarkable images and hand-written messages that were collected, such as:

"My dog Daisy makes me feel happy and loved every time I come home from work."
"We love you Mr. Scratchy, wherever you are!"
"Dear Bucko: I’m here at SuperZoo and I miss you! Be home soon."

Scope: Writing of Exhibit & Support Pieces, Trade Advertising
In Collaboration With: Subplot Design Inc.
For: Petcurean Pet Nutrition

WonderWall 2012 HD