Pete Pallett Writes

Brand Development; Brand Stories & Voice; Packaging, Advertising & Communications

Over the course of a long and storied career, I've written for young, at-risk IV drug users, written copy for people with HIV/AIDS & for those with spinal injuries. I've written for cat owners and dog owners and for dogs themselves. I've written for an NGO in the Bronx and for a start-up in France. I’ve been to the Hibernia oil fields and shot a film to market an offshore rig, and I’ve also written for environmental organizations.

I am someone with extreme curiosity and a great empathy for the human condition, and this helps me forge strong connections with people and understand their wants, their needs, their values and their fears. It also has made me an exceptional problem solver, communicator, writer and storyteller. I’m easy to work with and as one creative director told me, “You just get it.” So, tap on the screens below for some examples of my work. Then give me a shout, let’s have a chat; 604 338 4490 or