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Brand Story

The day starts early, out in the fields. For a good part of the year, our farmers are busy, doing what farmers do, of course; planting, nourishing, tending and growing the organic grains that go into the flours, cereals and mixes we use here at Anita’s Organic Mill. This is farming at pretty much its most basic and true; simple and traditional methods, sustainably practiced using no chemicals, in order to produce grains that are wholesome, nutritious and safe. We partner with these farmers, because they get what we’re all about, what we’re striving for, what we’re committed to. We’re in this, together.

And they consistently deliver the cleanest, purest grains possible, right to our mill In Chilliwack, BC. Here, we mill it in small batches, fresh every day. It’s a slow and traditional process, but by keeping temperatures down and by taking our time, we can keep the grain’s nutritional qualities intact; whole grain goes in, whole grain comes out. Our sprouted grain and flour is created in the same careful manner but using a state of the art process that produces a truly remarkable product that many bakers have come to love and use exclusively.

This care, this attention to detail, is for a purpose. We can honestly say that our grains, flours and cereals not only taste better for it, they perform better in your kitchen.

And in your kitchen, is where the magic happens. The magic of baking. Part art, part science, but a whole lot of love. Baking is one of the things that grounds us. Connects us to the earth. Connects us to each other. We follow recipes passed on through generations of family members, using favourites marked by wear and tear and the odd food stain. Recipes, passed on by good friends. Or we try something new, found online. Baking is an ever-changing experience. When we bake, we transform. The kitchen is our domain. Some of us turn on the blues or jazz or top 40, and pour a fresh cup of coffee before we roll up our sleeves and dive in. Some of us dance around the kitchen; for sure, baking definitely takes us away from the crazy of our day-to-day lives. Whatever your style, when you bake with flours, cereals and mixes from Anita’s Organic Mill, you really can’t go wrong (though we all have our share of “oopses”).

At the end of the day (and it can be a very long day, both in the fields and here at the mill), we choose our path and our activities for similar reasons; we’re seeking a simpler, healthier, more grounded life. A connection with the earth, with people. We share the foods we grow, the flours we mill and the foods we bake with our families, our friends and our communities. Over pies and pancakes, cakes and croissants, when we share, the world—for a moment—becomes a little kinder, and calmer, and more loving. Enjoy.

Scope: Writing of Brand Story and Web Copy
In Collaboration With: Brain Strategy and Design
For: Anita’s Organic Mill

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